Former WWE Superstar and current mayor Matt Morgan set to begin new journey

Matt Morgan as part of Team Brock Lesnar
Matt Morgan as part of Team Brock Lesnar

Former WWE Superstar and Longwood Mayor, Matt Morgan, is known in wrestling for his time in WWE alongside Brock Lesnar and Carlito.

Now, he is stepping up into the political ring once again. This Friday morning, the former WWE wrestler entered the race to run for the Seminole County Commission District 1 seat and filed the paperwork required at the supervisor of elections office, according to a report by News 13.

Former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan enters the political race once again

Morgan was first elected to the Longwood city commission in 2017, He would not be content in that role for long and advanced soon enough, becoming in two years' time, the deputy mayor, and finally the mayor.

He is still the current mayor of the city of Longwood. Alongside this, Morgan fulfills another role on the side of law and order, as he is on Sheriff Dennis Lemma's opioid council.

Now, Morgan is entering the race again and is looking for a seat in Seminole County. He talked about the reason that he was running for the seat, saying that he wanted to be the backbone of the county, and help them to have the power to make decisions.

"I want to be this county's 7-foot 300-pound backbone. And give them back the power and the decision-making process in Seminole County. Not the jury, judge and executioner, I say that with all respect, I get along with Bob."

Matt Morgan in WWE and 'Team Brock Lesnar'

While Matt Morgan is already really successful in the world of politics, his wrestling career in WWE was not the best. He was a part of Ohio Valley Wrestling and then was a part of the main roster.

During his run on the main roster in WWE, he often teamed with Nathan Jones. Morgan came to the main roster with Natan Jones as a part of Team Brock Lesnar, and was chosen by Paul Heyman to do so. When Jones was released, he teamed with Brock Lesnar instead.

During a match he teamed with Brock Lesnar, Big Show, and Rhyno in a Handicap match against Chris Benoit and John Cena.

Eventually, his return to the main roster saw him get a rather odd gimmick as a 'stuttering big-man' who paired himself with Carlito and acted as his bodyguard. When Carlito eventually got drafted, his time with the company came to an end as he was released by WWE in July of 2005.

He went on to have a better career in Japan, and eventually, TNA, where he was rather successful before beginning his political career.

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