Former WWE Superstar Karlee Perez aka Maxine reveals how Dusty Rhodes inspired her

AJ Lee and Maxine
AJ Lee and Maxine
Modified 14 Nov 2020

Karlee Perez aka Maxine was recently interviewed on The Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast. During the interview, she talked about several aspects of her run in WWE, including her mentor there, Dusty Rhodes.

Maxine revealed that she had worked with Dusty Rhodes closely when she was in FCW and that he had helped her to shape her career. Maxine said that the wrestling legend had helped her so much during her time in WWE, that she still carried a picture of him in her car.

Karlee Perez aka Maxine on working with wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes in WWE

Karlee Perez also shared her experience working with wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. At the time, Dusty Rhodes was heavily involved in working with young WWE Superstars in the WWE Performance Center.

"My favorite time in wrestling and in FCW was our promo days, and Dusty was head of talent at that time in FCW and helping develop characters and helping talent find who they were and what they can bring to the wrestling world. He really, really pushed me, and he's the one that told me I had this untapped talent when it came to developing characters and cutting promos. And I really wasn't sure of myself at the time, and Dusty would always tell me, 'fake it till you make it.'
"And he literally would push me to, eventually, become comfortable to what I was doing and performing and become confident in the characters I was portraying. He really, really had a lot to do with where I'm at now in my career and life. Even walking away from that business at the time, eventually going into Lucha but he had a lot to do with that. So I'm forever thankful to him. His picture hangs in my car. So he's there with me during another journey so to say."

She talked about how much the WWE legend, Dusty Rhodes, had meant to her and that she had a picture of him in the car. Dusty's sons, Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes, have left WWE and work for AEW currently. 

Published 14 Nov 2020, 18:58 IST
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