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WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy Superkicks a fan at an indie show

Johny Payne
8.53K   //    11 Mar 2017, 19:40 IST
Ken Anderson is one of the most well-known heels in professional wrestling

What’s the story?

Mr Kennedy, also known as Mr Anderson, Superkicked a fan at a recent Big League Wrestling event after the “little person” fan made some remarks towards him.

In case you didn’t know...

Mr Anderson (real name Ken Anderson) is a former WWE United States champion, 2-time TNA World Heavyweight champion and the 2007 Money In The Bank winner.

He has performed with the WWE from 2005 to 2009, for TNA between 2010 and 2016 and for several regional wrestling organisations in between his runs with the aforementioned big-name companies.

After getting fired from the WWE in 2009 and failing an on-the-spot drug test in TNA, Kennedy now splits his time between teaching at his wrestling school and performing for regional pro-wrestling promotions.

The heart of the matter:

The man with the mic best known for getting fired from the WWE after drawing legit backstage heat was a part of the indie wrestling show and was celebrating his win by showing off his title to the fans after winning his match. 

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Mr Anderson just so happened to come across a ‘fan’ who seemed to be mouthing off at him from behind the barricades. Anderson picked up said fan and placed him onto the ring apron and proceeded to place his title on the man, after which both of them posed for a few photographs. 

Seconds after posing for the cameras, the ex-WWE star struck the man with a scary-looking Superkick that sent him flying across the ring. Check it out-

Furthermore, another ex-WWE star Hornswoggle took offence to Mr. Kennedy Superkicking a little person, he Tweeted out the following:

Hornswoggle and Mr. Kennedy have had some shared history in the WWE as well.

What’s next?

Mr. Kennedy tweeted out the following response and will likely be appearing for Big League Wrestling’s future shows:

Sportskeeda’s take:

This is obviously a work and considering that Kennedy’s whole gimmick revolves around him being an uber-heel, we think this just serves to contribute to his pro-wrestling persona.

Regardless of whether Ken ever wrestles in the big leagues again or remains stuck with the smaller promotions for years to come, we’ll always remember him as one of the most arrogant and effective heels in the wrasslin business!

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