Former WWE Superstar reveals Vince McMahon backstage reaction to the 'Curtain Call' incident [Exclusive]

How did Vince McMahon react to the Curtain Call?
How did Vince McMahon react to the Curtain Call?

Former WWE and WCW star Erik Watts recently revealed Vince McMahon's backstage reaction to the infamous Curtain Call.

The 'Curtain Call' incident took place at a WWE house show in Madison Square Garden in 1995. Following the main event, Shawn Michaels and Triple H got into the ring with fellow Kliq members, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The latter duo was set to leave WWE for WCW, so Michaels and Triple H broke kayfabe in the process.

Erik Watts was recently interviewed on Sportskeeda's UnSKripted. Because he was backstage during the infamous Curtain Call incident, Watts had the chance to personally see Vince McMahon's reaction. On the show, he described the chairman's reaction to the infamous moment.

"Our first two matches were Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden," said Watts. "So I'm freaking out, we're there, we're having a good time. Chad was brand new,, that was his first match in front of a live crowd and not at a TV taping so he's going crazy. I didn't know what the heck was going on."
" I was trained to watch every match," Watts continued. "Vince [McMahon] was right next to us and let me tell you, he was just as surprised as I was. I remember thinking, 'Vince is not going to really think this is good' and I look at him and I go, 'I don't need to think about it, I can tell on his face, he doesn't think it's good.'"

Former WWE and WCW star Erik Watts describes his relationship with Triple H

Image credit: WWE via Bleacher Report
Image credit: WWE via Bleacher Report

Erik Watts also opened up about his relationship with Triple H, who was in the ring during the Curtain Call.

Watts said that he had always had a great relationship with Triple H, dating back to their time together in WCW. He also said he also knew Kevin Nash and other members of The Kliq because they all lived in the same apartment complex at one point in time.

"Hunter, I have strong feelings about Hunter," said Watts. "He was very good to me, I was very good to him when he was coming into WCW and he's been very good to me afterwards. Kevin and these guys, they lived in the same apartment complex as me when I first got here because when you got here a lot of guys were in the same apartment complex."
"So it was kind of like a new generation pushing the button and saying, 'We are going to do this,' and it went against all tradition," Watts continued.

Erik Watts signed with WWE in 1995, but his run in the promotion was short-lived. The Tekno Team 2000 gimmick failed, and he was released from WWE the following year.

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