Former WWE Superstar says JBL tried to hurt him inside the ring


Former WWE and WCW star Marc Mero recently opened up about his relationship with JBL. JBL and Mero wrestled together in WWE in the 1990s. Although they hated each other back in the day, Mero said that they have now put it behind them and are friends.

Marc Mero was recently a guest on a recent edition of James' Wrestling Shoot Interviews. During the interview, Mero spoke about his relationship with WWE legend JBL aka Bradshaw. Mero said that the duo did not get along back when they were wrestling for WWE in the 90s and also called the former world champion a bully.

However, Mero added that the WWE Hall of Famer was no longer that person and commended him for his charity work with underprivileged children:

"At the time, one guy I never got along with was Bradshaw. Here's the thing, he was a bully, mean to people, and before I tell you the story, I just want to tell you that he is such a great guy now. What he does for humanity and these kids in other countries, I can't say enough great things about him. I'm honored to call him a friend now. I mean, two guys who couldn't stand each other, we both have compassion for other people, we help a lot of people," said Marc Mero.

Former WWE star Marc Mero says Bradshaw tried to hurt him when they wrestled

Marc Mero went on to talk a little bit about what it was like when he and Bradshaw wrestled each other back in the day.

Mero admitted that both he and Bradshaw hated each other when they worked together in WWE. He then said that he felt Bradshaw would powerbomb him so hard that it felt like the latter was deliberately trying to hurt him:

"To get back to the story where I did hate him and he hated me, I tell you what, when he wrestled each other on the road and he would give me a powerbomb, it was almost like he was trying to put me through the mat, through the ring, through the wood," addd Mero. "He would try to hurt me and you know, I was always a tough guy, so I was not afraid. When I found out I was going to fight him at Brawl For All I was really excited."

Marc Mero and Bradshaw's fight at Brawl For All went three rounds before Bradshaw won via decision.

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