"I said no." - Former WWE Superstar says he was recognized as Zack Ryder

He was recognised as the former Intercontinental Champion
He was recognised as the former Intercontinental Champion

Former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona noted that he was recently recognized as former WWE persona Zack Ryder.

Cardona works on the independent circuit and is associated with several major American promotions. He currently works with IMPACT Wrestling, Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), and the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). He also had a brief stint as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion before injuries forced him to vacate the title in June 2022.

Having more-than-established his non-WWE persona, it no doubt took Cardona by surprise when an Uber driver mistook him for someone very different. The former Intercontinental Champion took to Twitter to detail the incident, stating that the driver asked if he was Zack Ryder. Cardona noted that he'd told the driver that he was not:

"Uber driver just asked if I am Zack Ryder. I said no." he wrote
Uber driver just asked if I am Zack Ryder. I said no.

What was the fan response to Cardona's Zack Ryder tweet?

Members of the WWE Universe and wrestling fans across the board have also taken to social media in response to Matt Cardona.

One fan told Cardona that he should've confirmed that he was Ryder:

@TheMattCardona Wouldn’t it have been better to explain you are but not by that name… sounds like a potential fan you could have helped discover the real you.. Just my opinion, maybe the situation was different then I’m picturing. 🤷🏻‍♂️

This prompted a response from Cardona himself:

@WHOtheFisJC Yeah James…I want a potential fan knowing where I live.

One fan claimed it was crazy that someone could recognize Matt for one body of work and not another:

@TheMattCardona Yeah. Crazy someone might recognize for your work in WWE but not outside of it.

One fan certainly didn't agree with Cardona's decision to lie to the driver:

@TheMattCardona You are tho ik you’re trynna be cool and say that’s not me anymore but that’s what most ppl remember you by and it’s kinda messed up you didn’t tell them.

One fan thought that Cardona lying to the fan was part of his current heel persona:

@TheMattCardona Someone recognizes you from your character in WWE (which made you famous) & you blow them off. 👍Matt Cardona hasn’t been seen on National episodic TV, Zack Ryder has. Must be part of your Heel persona. Nice work

One fan even joked that the Uber driver didn't ask about Mojo Rawley:

@TheMattCardona Good thing he didn’t ask if you knew Mojo Rawley

Matt Cardona would last wrestle as Ryder for WWE in March 2020. In his final Monday Night RAW outing, he lost to Bobby Lashley.

What do you think of Cardona's story? Do you prefer Cardona's work outside of WWE? You can share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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