Former WWE Superstar Wesley Blake reveals his new name 

Wesley Blake was a part of The Forgotten Sons
Wesley Blake was a part of The Forgotten Sons

Former WWE Superstar Wesley Blake has revealed the new name that he will be moving forward with in the pro wrestling industry. During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Blake revealed that he will now be known as Westin Blake.

Blake also detailed how he had pitched a bunch of names during his time with NXT and was always told to pick a name that he would be able to connect to. The former Forgotten Sons member revealed that he had a brother named Blake, who was a driving factor behind his wrestling name.

Here's Westin Blake's full interview with Chris Van Vliet:

"I'm going by Westin Blake. When I was in NXT the first time, I pitched a bunch on names. I was always told it's best if you can have a name that you can connect with. I have an older brother named Blake, so that was a big driving factor," Blake said.

Blake added that most of his life he was called Weston, as it is his last name. He also gave a list of names to NXT and eventually, Wesley Blake was the one that stood out the most.

"Most of my life I have been called Weston, because that's my last name. When I gave them the list of NXT names, Wesley Blake was the winner. They had 3 or 4 on there, I can't remember them but they were not that good."

Blake was recently released by WWE

In April 2021, Westin Blake was released by WWE, shortly after his former tag team partner Steve Cutler was also let go by the company. During his time with WWE, Blake was in a tag team with Murphy in NXT and the duo also won the NXT Tag Team Championships.

After a long absence from WWE television, Blake made his return and formed The Forgotten Sons with Cutler. The duo were later joined by Jaxson Ryker and the trio were eventually called up to the main roster as part of SmackDown.

However, after a disappointing run on the blue brand, The Forgotten Sons was taken off television and Blake & Cutler made their return as The Knights of the Lone Wolf and helped King Corbin.

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