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WWE News: Gangrel says he almost died in the WWE ring

Gokul Nair
5.60K   //    19 Nov 2016, 09:20 IST
Gangrel along with Edge and Christian as “The Brood”

Former WWE wrestler Gangrel appeared on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360 show where he revealed a shocking incident which almost resulted in his death in the wrestling ring. 

The incident took place following a handicap match where Gangrel’s stable ‘The Brood’ battled against the Ministry on the February 1, 1999, edition of Monday Night RAW.

The match ended in a disqualification after the interference of the APA. After the match ended, Undertaker made his way to the ring with a noose to bring in the Brood to join the Ministry. Here is Gangrel’s view of the incident:

“Remember when The Boss Man was going to bring The Brood into The Ministry? He threw me over the rope with the thing. Richie told him, don’t use that rope. Don’t use it. It was a brand new rope and they wanted to do it anyways.

They wanted to do that angle. So they threw me over and then…I bounced off the apron but the rope cinched up. I remember sitting there on TV and everything was just going away.”

It is unknown why Gangrel mentioned The Big Bossman in his statement as he was not a part of that angle, It was JBL who wrapped the noose around Gangrel’s neck and Undertaker who pushed him off the apron to hang.

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Gangrel said that it was Dennis Knight who first noticed the incident and helped save his life. Apparently, Gangrel’s wife, women’s wrestler Luna was not happy with the visual of her husband hanging and was furious backstage. Gangrel claims that the WWE fired her for the outburst after the incident.

Apart from this, Gangrel also revealed another backstage incident where Marc Mero called his wife Luna a defile name which did not go well with Gangrel. This resulted in Gangrel going after Mero right in front of Vince McMahon who defended Mero and threatened to fire Gangrel if he ever touched Mero again.

Regardless of his alleged ill-treatment by the WWE over the years, he declined to be a plaintiff in the WWE Lawsuit filed by 51 other former WWE wrestlers. 


Despite all the success that WWE achieved in the Attitude Era, It is disturbing to see the number of medical issues and problems caused as a result of the action. Incidents like the death of Owen Hart and the horrific injury of Darren Drozdov make a huge impact even to this date.

With several names coming forward and joining the lawsuit, it’s only a matter of time before this turns out to be a major issue for the WWE.

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