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Daughter of WWE legend discusses if Owen Hart will ever enter the Hall of Fame

Owen Hart (Credit: WWE)
Owen Hart (Credit: WWE)
Modified 23 Mar 2021

Georgia Smith has discussed the possibility of the late Owen Hart entering the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

During a recent interview with Michael Morales Torres of Lucha Libre Online, the daughter of the British Bulldog - who is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year - was asked about her feelings on her father's induction.

The daughter of the WWE icon briefly mentioned Owen Hart's name while discussing the anticipation surrounding the British Bulldog's induction. Naturally, this led the conversation into the question of whether or not Georgia Smith felt Owen Hart would ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“When I was told it was happening, I couldn't believe it. I felt the world clicked when it finally happened. I just can't wait for that and I think everything happens for a reason. In my opinion, I feel like this is the most anticipated Hall of Fame (induction) for a WWE wrestler. Maybe besides my uncle Owen. We all know that situation but I feel like people are most excited and have long awaited”. - Lucha Libre Online

However, when Michael Morales Torres put the question to Georgia Smith, she would reply with a simple yet emphatic one-word answer:


With nothing else to be said, the conversation quickly steered towards another topic.

Owen Hart was tragically killed when he fell from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, during a superhero-themed entrance. It remains one of the darkest events in the history of pro wrestling.

WWE Referee Jimmy Korderas recalls the night of Owen Hart's death


In another recent interview with Michael Morales Torres, former WWE Referee Jimmy Korderas recalled the night of Owen Hart's tragic fall. Korderas was in the ring when Hart fell and felt the star brush past him as he hit the ring:

"Not really hit me. But brushed by me. So I kinda ducked, not knowing what it was. When I turned around, he was there, lying on his back on the corner of the ring. I called him a few times and got no response. That’s where I panicked and started screaming for help from anybody."

Owen Hart is widely considered to be an all-time great performer and in-ring technician. He is survived by his wife, Martha, and their two children, Oje and Athena. Martha created The Owen Hart Foundation in his memory.

Published 23 Mar 2021, 00:55 IST
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