"Nope" - Goldberg is allegedly refusing to face former WWE Superstar in first-time-ever match

The Hall of Famer is one of WWE's highest-profile stars
The Hall of Famer is one of WWE's highest-profile stars
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Duane Gill, also known in WWE as Gillberg, says Goldberg is still not interested in facing him in a one-on-one match.

Gill performed as a WWE enhancement talent between 1991 and 1994 before impersonating various wrestlers on the independent scene. In 1998, Gill was repackaged by the company as an impersonator of the then-WCW star following a recommendation from The Undertaker’s former manager Paul Bearer.

Speaking on Rene Dupree’s Cafe de Rene podcast, Gill revealed that the 2018 WWE Hall of Famer never wants to do business with him:

“You tell me for real a Goldberg-Gillberg [action figure] set wouldn’t sell like crazy. Everybody wants them two to fight. I asked right to his face, I said, ‘Goldberg, please, let’s have this match.’ I said, ‘You’ll make a million dollars, I’ll make a hundred thousand. I can retire and you’ll kill the Gillberg gimmick.’ ‘Nope… nope… nope…’” [1:42-2:13]

The two-time Universal Champion appeared in a WWE segment with Gill in 2003 during his storyline with The Rock. He admitted on WWE Network show Ruthless Aggression last year that he “absolutely hated” Gill’s portrayal of the Gillberg character.

Duane Gill reiterates recent Goldberg accusation


Earlier this year, Gill said the 55-year-old legend does not want him to have any action figures, merchandise or a WWE video game character.

The former Light Heavyweight Champion, 62, repeated that accusation while speaking to Dupree. He also claimed that the veteran superstar’s dislike of his gimmick has impacted his finances:

“I don’t have a doll or shirt or nothing because of [inaudible], brother. I can’t say it a hundred percent, but let’s just say the people I know that are in the know say, ‘Brother, somebody’s got a thumb on top of you. They don’t wanna say it, but they look a lot like you and they don’t want you to have nothing.’ I live pay check to pay check,” said Gill. [1:12-1:38]

Goldberg’s most recent match ended in defeat against Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber in February. It is currently unclear if the WCW icon will wrestle again.

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