"We were told about it and scolded" - Hall of Famer opens up on the backstage stance on D-Generation X 

DX is are one of the most popular factions in wrestling history
DX is are one of the most popular factions in wrestling history

WWE legend Road Dogg recently shared what he thinks was the secret to the success of D-Generation X and how the company dealt with them backstage.

DX debuted on 11th August 1997 and featured The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna, and Rick Rude. Following Rude's departure and Michaels' temporary retirement, the group expanded and began to feature some new faces.

Some of the new recruits included The New Age Outlaws Billy Gunn and Road Dogg. The latter's initial run with the group began in 1998 and he has reappeared for the faction several times throughout his career.

Dogg recently opened up on what he thought the secret to the group's success was when speaking to Inside The Ropes. He also talked about the company's reaction to their shenanigans.

The Hall of Famer stated that it was the group's tendency to go too far, and WWE's willingness to let them that was truly the key to their success.

“I actually think, truth be told, I think it was tolerance on their [WWE’s] behalf, on the office’s behalf. They really let us do whatever we wanted to do and just tell us to kind of not take it too far. Several times we did [take it too far] and we were told about it and scolded about it. But they really let us go. So I guess leniency or, you know, they trusted us to not take it too far and we spoiled that trust several times,” he said.
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When did D-Generation X last appear on WWE TV?

D-Generation X last appeared on WWE television during a RAW reunion episode in July 2019.

During that episode, the members of D-Generation X, along with Kevin Nash, fought off AJ Styles and The OC (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson), who were ganging up on Seth Rollins.


The group also reformed on the 25th anniversary of RAW the previous year and shared a segment with Finn Balor, who was also accompanied by Gallows and Anderson.

It will be interesting to see if D-Generation X will ever pop up again in WWE. You can read more about the Hall of Fame group by clicking here.

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