Hangman Page opens up about his WWE tryout

Hangman Page opened up about his failed tryout with WWE
Hangman Page opened up about his failed tryout with WWE

Hangman Page returned to singles action last week on AEW Dynamite, after the disappointing loss at All Out which saw FTR win the tag titles. Page's night went from bad to worse after Kenny Omega turned his back on him and left the arena. Page recently spoke to WrestlingINC Daily and during the interview, he discussed how early on in his career the only viable option to earn a living as a wrestler was to sign with WWE:

I guess when I started wrestling, I guess it's been, whew, 12 years since I started wrestling. There was really only one way to make a living. It was if you got signed to WWE, that was the end-all-be-all. Everything that you did was an attempt to get a job there. It was not to be a better wrestler. It was not to gain a following. The only end goal was to be in WWE, so you could pay your bills with wrestling. H/T: WrestlingINC

Adam Page went on to say that a viable alternative to WWE, like AEW, will make a big difference. Page added that some of the things that he had to worry about early on in his own career are not really a problem at this point.

Adam Page on his failed WWE tryout

Adam Page went on to talk about a failed WWE tryout early on in his career. He said that the disappointment of not making the cut left him depressed. Page went on to say that he even went as far as considering his future as a pro wrestler:

I mean, I guess like when you're 18-19, you start doing that kind of stuff. You feel so close to the only thing you think matters at the time. You think getting that job is the only thing matters, and you feel so close, so your so enthused, but then nothing ever happens after you go. And then you get pretty damn depressed about it, and you sort of consider, if this is the only avenue to make it in wrestling, and you show up and nothing happens, you start to wonder like, 'can I even keep doing this? What's the point?'

WWE later reached out to Adam Page in 2018 but he rejected it and ended up signing with AEW in 2019.

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