"He definitely thought blacks weren't champion material" - Former WWE IC Champion shoots on Jim Cornette (Exclusive) 

WWE IC title and Jim Cornette.
WWE IC title and Jim Cornette.

Former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson was a special guest on SK Wrestling's UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone.

SK Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta asked Johnson about how Jim Cornette really was like backstage when they worked together in the WWE. Initially, Johnson chose not to comment about Jim Cornette as UnSKripted was a clean show, and Johnson had some choice cuss words for the former WWE manager.

Ahmed Johnson would, however, claim that Jim Cornette didn't consider African American talent to be world champion material.

Cornette never really mentioned his true feelings to Ahmed Johnson, but if he had done it, the former WWE wrestler claimed that 'there would be have been no more of Jim Cornette' after the confrontation. Johnson's statement wasn't even a veiled threat.

Johnson, the first African American superstar to win a singles title (WWE IC Championship) in the WWE, concluded by labeling Cornette a coward.

Here's what Johnson had to say:

"I can't cuss on this show, so I won't even tell you. No, his afterthoughts were; he definitely thought blacks weren't champion material.
I wish he would (tell Johnson about his views). There would be no more Jim Cornette. He is one of those guys who talks behind your back like a coward."

Jim Cornette's opinions about former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson

The heat between Jim Cornette and Ahmed Johnson is quite a known fact in pro wrestling. During an old episode of Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru podcast, the controversial wrestling personality had nothing positive to say about Ahmed Johnson as a performer.

Cornette would explain that Ahmed Johnson was responsible for his own downfall, and the experienced promoter dissected the former WWE Intercontinental Champion's career by explaining four points. Here's what Cornette said:

"You know he could have been Junkyard Dog times ten with the push they gave him. But he was A) injury-prone, B) prone to injure other people, C) not as physically equipped he was for the wrestling business, but mentally unequipped for the wrestling business, D) began believing he was over to the extent of even greater than his push rather than his actual performance — all of the above."
"So if he would have got his sh-t together on that side of it and not got hurt, not hurt other people, and become a raging egomaniac about his push, chances are he would've been rolling in money." H/t StillRealToUs

Ahmed Johnson has stirred the pot once again with his opinions about Jim Cornette, but how will Cornette respond?

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Edited by Lennard Surrao
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