'He just fu***ing loved it' - Vince McMahon's reaction to controversial storyline involving The Undertaker's 'mother'


WWE has had its fair share of controversial storylines over the years, and one such angle was Paul Bearer calling himself the father of The Undertaker's 'brother', Kane.

Kane debuted in WWE as The Undertaker's brother, who returned to take revenge on The Undertaker who had tried to burn his younger brother. The Big Red Monster was managed by The Undertaker's former manager Paul Bearer.

Speaking on Something to Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard gave details about the storyline which implied that The Undertaker's 'mother' had an affair with Paul Bearer and he was Kane's biological father. Prichard also stated that the whole angle was his idea.

Prichard said that WWE wanted to add more layers to the storyline between the two brothers, insinuating that Kane was 'Taker's half-brother would achieve that. Here's what Prichard said when asked what Vince McMahon thought of the idea:

"He just fu***ng loved it. God damn!", Bruce Prichard said.

The Undertaker's reaction to the idea

Bruce Prichard also revealed that The Undertaker told his actual mother that the whole storyline was Bruce Prichard's idea. On being asked by Conrad Thomson if Prichard called and apologized to Mark Calaway's mother, he said that Mrs. Taker was just a character on-screen whereas Mrs. Calaway is someone he had tremendous respect for.

The absurd storyline saw a doctor reveal DNA test results that Paul Bearer was indeed the father of Kane. Bruce Prichard, however, revealed that what nobody realized was that the doctor could have been a fraud. He suggested that Paul Bearer had used underhanded tactics to get himself declared as Kane's father.

After the initial feud between Kane and The Undertaker, the two men went on to not only have multiple matches against each other, but also to have many tag-team matches teaming together as The Brothers of Destruction.

One year after his passing, we at Sportskeeda paid tribute to our very own Road Warrior Animal here.

Edited by Rohit Mishra
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