"He was a j*rk" – 50-year-old WWE veteran claims that Shawn Michaels was the most difficult superstar to work with (Exclusive)

Shawn Michaels is currently working as part of WWE NXT
Shawn Michaels is currently working as part of WWE NXT

Veteran WWE referee Jack Doan has detailed his experience working with Shawn Michaels, claiming that the Hall of Famer gave his co-workers a hard time in the ring.

Michaels had one of the most successful in-ring careers, winning numerous world championships and headlining multiple WrestleMania events. He is now retired from active competition and serves as the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative in WWE.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of UnSKripted, Doan recalled Michaels' days as an active wrestler. The 50-year-old claimed that The Heartbreak Kid was quite open about his addiction and was tough to work with inside the ring.

"The most difficult, I would say, Shawn Michaels. In two forms, one when he was going through his days, which he is very open about. You know, he was a j*rk and going through the times with his addiction and all that. He was very tough to work with in the ring," said Doan. [19:10-19:30]

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Jack Doan claimed that he would mostly get nervous during Shawn Michaels' matches

During the same conversation, Jack Doan claimed he would get nervous working a match alongside Shawn Michaels, as the referees also had to get involved in his antics.

Doan admitted that Michaels screamed at others midway through his bouts since he was a perfectionist inside the squared circle.

"But the other part about it, he was such a professional that he wanted perfection. So, you know, he would scream at you in a match if he didn't feel you were in the right place or where you needed to be or same thing, if he relayed something and it didn't get relayed. So he wanted hundred percent the best match possible and which is part of the ref being there too, so I understood that part of it. So whenever I had his match, I was nervous going into it," added Doan. [19:31-20:05]

Michaels is currently working backstage in WWE, focusing on expanding NXT. He wrestled in his last match at the 2018 Crown Jewel event.

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