"He just treated me badly" - Former WWE star says Mark Carrano didn't treat him well

Former WWE manager Oscar opened up about his thoughts on Mark Carrano
Former WWE manager Oscar opened up about his thoughts on Mark Carrano

Former WWE manager Oscar has given his thoughts on former WWE Executive Mark Carrano.

Mark Carrano was recently let go by WWE after the infamous trash bag incident with Mickie James. James called out WWE following her release, after receiving her belongings in a trash bag. The photo caused a storm on social media and led to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon apologizing to James on Twitter.

Former WWE Superstar Oscar recently spoke about Mark Carrano and his interactions with the former Senior Director of Talent Relations on Boston Wrestling MWF. Oscar said that he personally never liked Carrano, alleging that he had been treated badly by him. Oscar said that he had asked Carrano for a ticket to WrestleMania 31 a few years ago and Carrano had failed to provide one for him:

"You know, now that he's gone I can say publicly, I never liked that guy. Every time I would ask to do something, or pitch something... Let's start here. Okay? In California, Wrestlemania, up in the Bay Area, Tim White told me, ask for a ticket. They still got tickets, ask for one. So, I saw Carrano... First of all, he was always blowing me off. Carrano treated me like I owed him money or something like that." Said Oscar

He continued:

"And I didn't know the man. Never met him, didn't work with him. Nothing. So, back to Wrestlemania, they had extra tickets for talent and whatnot. So, I asked him if I could get a ticket. He said his ticket guy left. Now, there are a thousand avenues that he could have went through to give me one single ticket to it. But he blew me off in that fashion. And I just found that a little insulting. And any time I would, you know, ask if I could maybe rap at a fanfest or anything else, before he'd check with anybody or anything else, he'd just flat out just say no. I mean, the man... He just treated me badly. And like I said, I never understood it 'cause I don't have a relationship with him, good, or bad, or indifferent."


Oscar had a short run in WWE as Men On A Mission's manager

Oscar had a career as a rapper when he was spotted and signed to WWE in 1993, coming in as the manager of Men On A Mission. The fun-loving trio quickly became fan favorites and eventually won the Tag Team Championships.

However, plans to turn Men On A Mission heel ended up leading to Oscar's release from WWE. Oscar did not want to turn heel because of his image outside WWE as a rapper, which led to his departure from the company in 1995. Oscar was written off of WWE television after Mo and Mabel turned on him and attacked him following their heel turn on an episode of Action Zone.

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