'He should have listened' - Cedric Alexander was in trouble for not doing something Vince McMahon wanted

Cedric Alexander and Vince McMahon.
Cedric Alexander and Vince McMahon.
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Cedric Alexander has steadied his WWE career and is currently in a fruitful alliance with The Hurt Business. However, the former Cruiserweight Champion looked like a lost cause not too long ago, and there is a big reason why his career hit a roadblock.

On the latest episode of 'The Kurt Angle Show' on AdFreeShows, Kurt Angle revealed that Cedric Alexander landed in trouble last year for not listening to Vince McMahon.

The WWE Boss wanted Alexander to do something, and he apparently turned it down and was in the doghouse for the following months. Kurt Angle stressed the importance of listening to bosses, and the Olympic gold medalist felt that Alexander rightfully suffered the consequences.

Angle believed that Alexander's career was over after the incident, but Vince McMahon would later decide to give the 31-year-old Superstar another chance.

Here's what Kurt Angle revealed about the Cedric Alexander incident:

"You look at what they have been doing with Alexander, the Hurt Business. You know, he got in a little trouble last year. He didn't do something that Vince wanted him to do, and you know, if you don't listen to your boss, things could get a little bit, you know, depressing for you, and he didn't listen the one night, and they scolded him for a good half-year before they started using him again, and rightfully so, he should have listened. That is his job, it's to listen to Vince and do what Vince tells you to do, and he didn't do that. So, I thought, 'Wow, this kid's career is over,' you know, when that happened, and Vince eventually gave him another chance."


Cedric Alexander is currently one-half of the RAW Tag Team Champions with Shelton Benjamin, and WWE and MVP have done a stellar job of rehabbing him on TV.

The Hurt Business is one of the top stables in the WWE, and it should help Cedric Alexander rise the company's ladder. Kurt Angle talked about second chances during the podcast, and Cedric Alexander is presently making the most of what WWE has offered him.

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