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"He is a tough cookie" - Mike Chioda reveals his final four and winner of a WWE Referee Royal Rumble match

Mike Chioda picked the winner of a Referee Royal Rumble.
Mike Chioda picked the winner of a Referee Royal Rumble.
Modified 28 Feb 2021

The referees are the most underappreciated men and women in all of WWE and professional wrestling. Veteran referee Mike Chioda opened up about a potential WWE Referee Royal Rumble during a recent edition of his Monday Mailbag podcast on AdFreeShows.

Chioda was asked about who would be the final four and eventual winner of a Rumble featuring referees from all generations. The winner of the match would go on to officiate the closing match of WWE WrestleMania.

The question amused Chioda, and he responded by naming Joey Marella, Danny Davis, Chad Patton, and himself as the last four referees in the dream Rumble scenario.

Mike Chioda backed Danny Davis to win the match as Davis was also an active wrestler.

"(Laughs) in the Royal Rumble, ha? Is this like all-time referees or just recent? Past and present. Okay. Man, I'd have to say. Let's put in Joey Marella. Danny Davis, 'Dangerous' Danny Davis. Chad Patton and myself. I'd probably have to say Danny Davis would go over (laughs)."
"Exactly, he is a tough cookie too. He didn't take no s***, Danny Davis. I loved him. But, umm, yeah, I'd have to say Danny Davis to go over."

If you were a newbie, he would get on you: Mike Chioda recalls working with "Dangerous" Danny Davis in WWE

"Dangerous" Danny Davis.
"Dangerous" Danny Davis.

"Dangerous" Danny Davis joined WWE in 1981 as a referee, and he spent nearly 15 fruitful years in the company. Davis is known as the first referee to explore the heel dynamic for an official, a storyline that has been used quite often in WWE and wrestling over the years.

Davis drew incredible heat as a crooked heel referee, and the idea has since been replicated several times by almost every wrestling company. Chioda said that Davis was a tough guy who was always in great spirits backstage.

"Danny Davis is a great guy. He even did ring crew stuff a little bit here and there, but he was a wrestler, plus I loved his character because he was kind of this heel ref, you know. And he was from the northeast, like Massachusetts area, and stuff, New Hampshire, Connecticut area. He was a great guy, man."

Chioda also revealed that Davis ribbed on people behind the scenes and had a habit of targeting the new guys in the WWE.

"He always ribbed, always talked s***. You know, got on people, like especially if you were a newbie, he would get on you, and he would rib you a little bit and stuff like that."

While Chioda missed Davis, he had no idea about the former WWE referee's current status and whereabouts.

"But, he was a tough cookie; he was, man. He was a tough cookie. I kind of miss him. I don't what, he just disappeared one day, and that was it, from the business. I have no idea what he is doing now."

Danny Davis was one of the quintessential heels from the Golden Era of wrestling in the WWE, and the legend is presently 64 years old and can be found at various fan fests and wrestling conventions. He has also given a few interviews in recent times.

Published 28 Feb 2021, 08:05 IST
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