Hit Row's Top Dolla claims their first main roster promo wasn't scripted

Hit Row was drafted to WWE SmackDown on Friday.
Hit Row was drafted to WWE SmackDown on Friday.

Will Hit Row make a successful transition to the WWE main roster? Top Dolla seems to think so.

One of the most surprising picks for SmackDown during night one of the WWE Draft was the popular NXT 2.0 stable Hit Row, led by current North American Champion Isaiah "Swerve" Scott.

Some fans of the Hit Row faction were immediately worried over this draft pick for various reasons. For example, it was fair to wonder whether the group would be forced to cut scripted promos on the main roster, whereas they gave bullet-point promos in NXT.

To somewhat answer these concerns, Top Dolla took to social media this weekend to reveal that the promo the faction cut before his dark match on Friday wasn't scripted.

"Last night we cut a promo," tweeted Top Dolla."Unscripted. Like every promo we ever cut. We made us. Stop talking about things you don't know."

While it's encouraging to hear that their promo wasn't scripted on Friday night, it also wasn't utilized for live television. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see whether Hit Row is given the freedom to cut their promos on SmackDown without being scripted.

@sirshatho Last night we cut a promo. Unscripted. Like every promo we ever cut. We made us. Stop talking about things you don’t know.

Top Dolla wants fans to stop comparing Hit Row to other NXT acts who failed to transition to the main roster

The promos cut by Hit Row are a big reason the group was able to stand out from everyone else in WWE NXT. If their freedom on the microphone gets taken away from them, the transition period could be unpleasant for everyone involved. Fans have seen this pattern play out with many NXT call-ups over the years.

But Top Dolla doesn't seem to see this situation that way. He tweeted that, unlike other acts who didn't successfully transition to the WWE main roster, Hit Row can cut promos.

"Stop comparing us to other people who couldn't transition to the main roster," wrote Top Dolla. "We can promo. Thanks, Management."
Stop comparing us to other people who couldn’t transition to the main roster. We can promo. Thanks,Management

While it's unknown who Top Dolla is specifically referencing in this tweet, there have been plenty of cases of failed NXT call-ups over the last several years. That being said, many fans would argue that the blame falls on Vince McMahon and creative, not the talent themselves.

What do you make of Top Dolla's comments? Do you believe Hit Row will find the same success on SmackDown that they did in NXT? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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