How Road Warrior Animal's family and The Bella Twins have reacted to his passing

John Laurinaitis, the brother of Road Warrior Animal, with their family
John Laurinaitis, the brother of Road Warrior Animal, with their family

Road Warrior Animal, Joseph Michael Laurinaitis, passed away earlier this year only a few weeks back. Animal died of natural causes at 60 years of age, and numerous other WWE stars and legends joined in paying him tribute. What many members of the WWE Universe may not know is that John Laurinaitis, Road Warrior Animal's brother, was married to the mother of the Bella Twins, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella. As a result, not only was John Laurinaitis the step-father of the Bella Twins, but Road Warrior Animal was their step-uncle.

Recently, Road Warrior Animal's wife, Kim Laurinaitis, talked about her late husband and how the entire family, including the Bella Twins, were dealing with the passing of the WWE legend. She talked about that and more during her appearance on Legion of RAW with Chris Featherstone.

Readers can also check out the entire episode of this week's Legion of RAW with Road Warrior Animal's wife, Kim Laurinaitis, talking to Chris Featherstone about Road Warrior Animal and her life with him.


Road Warrior Animal's wife reveals how The Bella Twins and the family reacted to his passing

Road Warrior Animal's wife Kim Laurinaitis talked about how the rest of her family, including The Bella Twins, reacted when Chris Featherstone asked about them. She talked about the condition of her family.

"Everyone in the family is just utterly shocked, I mean to say the least. There really are no words to describe... we are still in the period of all of this happening. Now we are still getting into the realness of everything setting in, and Kathy, I love Kathy to death, and Kathy has been going through her own health issues. She and I have both had health issues in the past couple of years. And I hated it for her because she really struggled because of her health issues. It's a struggle, aside from it being COVID, and a lot of people not being able to come from certain states. We have been bombarded with phone calls and messages and things like that, and people that are just heartbroken, because they wanted to be here, or come and stay. But they can't figure out a way to get here."

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