How Stone Cold Steve Austin came up with the name of a former WWE Champion's finisher

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Modified 26 Mar 2021

JBL recently revealed how WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin came up with the name of his finishing move.

Former WWE Champion JBL was the latest guest on The Bolin Alley. 'The Wrestling God' answered a bunch of fan questions and also recalled how Stone Cold Steve Austin came up with the name of his finishing move, "Clothesline from Hell".

I was working in New York with Marc Mero. Mero and I didn't have great chemistry in the ring. We never really... we worked in tons of house shows. And I hit him with a Clothesline one night. And I come back and Stone Cold Steve Austin is there, he says, "that's not a Clothesline, that's a Clothesline from Hell!" And from that point forward, that's where it got its name. Back in the day, you couldn't name your own moves, somebody had to give it to you.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and JBL were in-ring allies on several occasions

JBL went by the moniker of Bradshaw during the Attitude Era and was a mid-carder on WWE TV. Stone Cold Steve Austin was ruling the wrestling world at the time and was headlining shows on a regular basis. The first time Bradshaw and Stone Cold Steve Austin teamed up was on an episode of WWE RAW in early 2001. The match saw Austin and A.P.A. scoring a win over Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle.

The duo teamed up on various occasions over the next year or so against top WWE Superstars like The Undertaker and Big Show. It would take another two years for JBL to finally get a shot at the main event spot. He beat Eddie Guerrero for the WWE title at The Great American Bash 2004 and kicked off a 280-day reign. JBL scored a long string of WWE title victories with the aid of the Clothesline from Hell finisher over that time period.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and JBL squared off in a "Beer Drinking Contest" at Saturday Night's Main Event in 2006 that ended with The Texas Rattlesnake scoring a DQ victory.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 10:28 IST
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