Huge sabotage and rematch would've marred The Rock and Cody Rhodes' segment on RAW, feels ex-WWE employee

The Rock and Cody Rhodes were face-to-face on RAW
The Rock and Cody Rhodes were face-to-face on RAW

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo feels that The Rock should have had a more impactful segment with Cody Rhodes on RAW.

This past Monday night, The Final Boss confronted Cody as he was celebrating his championship win at WrestleMania XL. In the few intense moments that followed, the two stars exchanged their titles back-and-forth and The Rock informed Rhodes that he was stepping away for a while, but would be back soon.

In a recent clip from Russo's Brand, the former WWE writer detailed how the segment would have played out during the Attitude Era. He claimed that The Final Boss would have used his clout within the management and stripped Cody of the title.

"Cody would've had his celebration, Rock would've went out there. And here's the first thing Rock would've said, 'Well, unfortunately Cody, tonight I'm not coming out here as a wrestler. I'm coming out here as the Board of Directors or whatever. I think you may have interpreted the rules incorrectly last night. It was Bloodline Rules which means the Bloodline was allowed to interfere in the match. Not John Cena, not The Undertaker. Therefore, after looking at the footage, I am officially disqualifying you, stripping you of the title.' And bro, I would've had the rematch that night. That's the Attitude Era bro." [0:15 - 0:58]

Cody Rhodes had a message for The Rock

The American Nightmare kicked off this week's episode of SmackDown, announcing the start of a new era in WWE.

Cody Rhodes took the opportunity to address this confrontation with The Rock last Monday on RAW. He spoke about how The People's Champion handed him a token from a time gone by.

He was sure the Final Boss would once again be back in WWE. Cody said that whenever The Rock wanted to return and go after his title, he would be ready for a fight.

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