"It legitimizes you" - WWE legend on making Hulk Hogan tap out early in his career

Hulk Hogan is a 12-time World Champion!
Hulk Hogan is a 12-time World Champion!

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently recalled tapping out Hulk Hogan at King of The Ring 2002.

Fans who watched wrestling during the 80's and 90's would know that very few wrestlers came close to defeating The Hulkamaniac during his prime. The Hulkster was rarely seen pinned or submitted in the middle of a squared circle.

However, the landscape changed during his second run with the company. In 2002, he lost in the final of the King of The Ring tournament to Kurt Angle via tapout. On a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle recalled the significance of tapping Hogan out:

“It’s a huge deal. It legitimizes you. You’re in the business, and you make Hulk Hogan tap out within two years in the business. You’ve become one of the very top talents in the company. I mean, it’s Hulk freakin’ Hogan. He’s an icon.” [H/T - 411Mania]
OTD in 2000, His Majesty, King @RealKurtAngle , was coronated after being victorious in the King Of The Ring tournament.

While Hogan was a bonafide superstar even during his second run with the company, he used it to elevate the upcoming crop of talent. Like Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar also made the Hulkster tapout and solidified himself as a top star in the company.

Kurt Angle talks about working with Hulk Hogan

Kurt Angle got to work with several legends and future stars during his time on the road.

One star that made him stand out during his early years was Hulk Hogan. In the same episode, Angle spoke about working with The Hulkster at King of The Ring 2002:

“I was really excited. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was absolutely elated to be able to wrestle the most popular guy in the history of the business. Hulk Hogan was a mainstream name back when I was in high school and junior high. I wasn’t even a wrestling fan and I knew who he was. My friends idolized him. Knowing I was gonna be in the ring with him was a great opportunity.” [H/T - 411Mania]

Following his win against Hogan, Angle went on to win more championships and work with superstars like Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown. Meanwhile, Hogan soon became a part-time talent, making sporadic appearances.

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