"Hunter says you gotta go over" - Triple H told referee to change the finish of a match mid-way, says ex-WWE star

The referee was told to inform the wrestlers about the change while the match was underway
The referee was told to inform the wrestlers about the change while the match was underway

Triple H changed the finish of a singles match between Eddie Ryan and Saxon Huxley after their contest began, as per Ryan.

Eddie Ryan wrestled Saxon Huxley in his WWE debut match on the NXT UK brand in October 2018. Ryan won the match and went on to wrestle Fabian Aichner in his second and last WWE match.

Eddie Ryan recently made an appearance on the Wrestling With Johners Podcast, where he revealed that Triple H changed the ending of his debut match after the bout started. As per Ryan, The Game informed the referee about the change while the match was in progress. Here are his comments:

"Saxon puts some hold on me and the referee just leans in, says, "Eddie's gotta go over." And I'm thinking, "What do you mean?" "Hunter says you gotta go over." I'm waiting for some instructions because the heel always leads the finish. So we sort of cobbled together. The finish was supposed to be a powerbomb, so I said, "Put me up for the powerbomb, I'll just drop down and roll you up, easy. Let's not overcomplicate this. That's not what this is about, because if I fuc*ed it up, that would look worse than doing a simple finish." [2:33-3:02]

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Triple H later met Eddie Ryan backstage

Ryan also told Johners that following the match, he had a backstage interaction with Triple H. The Game told Ryan that he didn't have any idea that he was the hometown kid, or else WWE would've planned the finish accordingly beforehand.


Eddie Ryan was then told that he impressed some people backstage with his in-ring skills. He revealed that the reason the finish was changed was so that making Eddie lose would have killed the crowd straight away. Ryan put over Fabian Aichner On October 14, 2018, and this was it for him as a WWE Superstar.

What do you think of Eddie Ryan's story about the finish to his match being changed mid-way?

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