"I have only done it twice in my career" - Kurt Angle on being banned from using a dangerous move

Kurt Angle.
Kurt Angle.
Lennard Surrao

The most recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show was informative as always. The Olympic gold medalist revealed several previously unknown facts and stories from his career.

During a special 'Ask Kurt Anything' session, Kurt Angle opened up about being involved in piledrivers despite his neck injuries.

Kurt Angle was dropped on his neck by a piledriver from Stone Cold Steve Austin during their match at Unforgiven 2001. The decision to have Angle take the piledriver raised a few eyebrows as the former WWE champion had a well-documented history of dealing with neck injuries, right from his days as an amateur wrestler.


Kurt Angle explained that he trusted Steve Austin to safely execute the move, and that's what The Texas Rattlesnake did during the match.

Unlike some wrestlers, Austin didn't jump before the moment of impact. Instead, Stone Cold always tucked his opponent's head in between the knees to avoid head injuries.

Kurt Angle admitted that he was banned from taking piledrivers, but he only performed the move with wrestlers he trusted.

The WWE Hall of Famer also recalled being in a piledriver spot with Eric Young in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling.

"No, you don't want to sign up for it. You know what? I trusted Austin. I have only done it twice in my career. I was always told not to do. I wasn't allowed to do it, but Austin talked me into it, and I trusted him because he is a really safe worker. But I did take it with him, but Austin doesn't jump in the air when he does it," explained Angle.
"So, the impact, you know, he just goes from his feet and sits down. So, it's less impact. He kept his knees bent, so my head wouldn't hit the ground, and I did it with Eric Young in TNA once too, but I trusted those guys wholeheartedly, but that's one thing that's I'm not supposed to take because of my neck injuries," added Angle.

WWE has banned Superstars from using the Piledriver

Piledrivers have been disallowed in the WWE since 2000 citing safety concerns. But the likes of The Undertaker and Kane have still been permitted to use the Tombstone version over the years.

While piledrivers may be a thing of the past in the WWE, the destructive maneuver can be regularly seen in matches from other promotions around the world.

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