"I have no idea what possessed him to do this" โ€“ Sycho Sid allegedly tried to fight WWE legend in a hotel room

Sycho Sid was also known as Sid Justice and Sid Vicious.
Sycho Sid was also known as Sid Justice and Sid Vicious

William Regal has disclosed details about the time he had a bizarre altercation with Sycho Sid during their WCW tenure.

Regal knocked on the hotel room door of another WCW star, Col. Robert Parker. The two were having a conversation when Sid appeared from the bathroom. The former WWE Champion attacked Regal from behind, seemingly in a light-hearted manner, before things suddenly got out of control.

On his Gentleman Villain podcast, Regal explained that he quickly put the towering superstar in his place:

"I have no idea what possessed him to do this," Regal said. "Sid has grabbed me around the throat from behind and has gone, 'Argh, I've got him now!' Well, that didn't last long because he's got his big, daft head there with all that curly hair, so I've just grabbed his hair, I've dragged him over the top of me, and I've stuck him in a grovit [submission move] on the floor." [1:42 โ€“ 2:13]

Regal added that he was ready to break Sid's nose and bite his ear off. He eventually let the two-time WrestleMania main-eventer go after calmly questioning why his co-worker attacked him for no apparent reason.

Sycho Sid tried to continue fighting William Regal

Moments after the incident, Sycho Sid got back on his feet and launched himself across the room toward William Regal.

Sycho Sid was the only wrestler to win the WWE title on Raw and the WCW title on Nitro.

According to the current AEW personality, Sid's attempt to continue the fight spectacularly backfired:

"You couldn't write this, and I'm not making it up, it's like something off a film," Regal added. "He just leaped at me, and I just went [sidesteps], moved to the side, and he hit the wall! It was like [cartoon character] Wile E. Coyote. He just smashed on the wall and then went, 'Uuurrgghhh,' and staggered back like Frankenstein and fell on top of the bed." [3:52 โ€“ 4:14]

Sycho Sid later asked Regal to teach him how to execute the submission move he used in the hotel room. The Englishman refused because he thought the former WWE Superstar would take liberties with people if he knew how to apply the maneuver.

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