"I knew they would be fine" - Former WWE Superstar says he always knew that Bullet Club would succeed under Kenny Omega's leadership

Kenny Omega is a former leader of the Bullet Club
Kenny Omega is a former leader of the Bullet Club
Soumik Datta

Karl Anderson has reflected on his time with the Bullet Club and how he always had faith in Kenny Omega to lead the group from the front. Anderson knew the Bullet Club would be fine even after he departed the faction along with Doc Gallows and AJ Styles.

During his recent interview with NJPW, the former WWE star praised Omega for the outstanding matches he had in Japan, even as a junior heavyweight.

Karl Anderson concluded by stating that he always expected "cool things" in store for the Bullet Club under Omega's guidance.

"Some good, good, good Bullet Club times man, it's insane and you know when we left too, I knew they would be fine because I watched Kenny Omega. I knew he was gonna end up taking over and be the number one guy there," said Anderson. "I knew Tama and Fale were gonna be fine, of course. But I watched Kenny Omega have some of the most insane matches with the most insane crowd reactions I've ever witnessed in person and that was when he was just the junior champion. So I knew there was going to be some really cool things that were going to be coming."

Kenny Omega betrayed AJ Styles in 2016

AJ Styles and Kenny Omega
AJ Styles and Kenny Omega

Back in 2016, AJ Styles departed NJPW and left the Bullet Club to sign with WWE. Kenny Omega betrayed The Phenomenal One in the latter's last ever match in NJPW and became the new heavyweight star of the Bullet Club. Both Anderson and Gallows also left NJPW along with Styles and later formed The O.C. in WWE.

Meanwhile, Omega went on to win the IWGP Intercontinental, IWGP United States, and the IWGP Heavyweight Championship as a member of the Bullet Club.

While several fans criticized Omega's run as the Bullet Club's leader, the story of him at the top of the throne unfolded nicely. It also led to The Elite's separation from the Bullet Club in the long run.

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