How Vince McMahon's Twitch ban stopped a top RAW star from starting a podcast

Vince McMahon banning the WWE main roster from using Twitch is still a talking point in 2021.
Vince McMahon banning the WWE main roster from using Twitch is still a talking point in 2021.

The WWE Universe could be enjoying an AJ Styles podcast right now on Twitch, if not for Vince McMahon.

Last year, McMahon angered the WWE Universe and his wrestlers alike when he banned the main roster from utilizing the Twitch platform. It prevented some wrestlers from making an additional stream of revenue away from WWE.

AJ Styles was recently a guest on A Couple In with Cody Jinks and spoke about last year's Twitch ban.

Styles dropped a bombshell, revealing that he wanted to turn his Twitch streams into live podcasts before McMahon shut everything down.

"Vince said we couldn't do it anymore, which is understandable. We were taking his product and making money off of it when he's paying us to do a job. I get it and understand it. There are certain things that played into it. I am a gamer, but as far as Twitch, I had to let it go by the wayside. I was hoping to branch out. I started off playing games on Mixer, which ended up being sold, and I went to Twitch. I was amazed at how huge the community was. It was great. By the time I got to Twitch, it was more or less me talking for two hours rather than playing games. I was literally hoping to do a live podcast. That was the direction I was hoping to go."

AJ Styles wanted to do a live podcast on Twitch

If you watched AJ Styles on Mixer or Twitch, you know how entertaining his streams were.

His funny personality has also been showcased on WWE television in recent months. A live podcast on Twitch from The Phenomenal One would have been a must-watch/listen event every week.

One would hope that Styles might eventually search for another platform to start a podcast on. But for now, we all must imagine what might have been. It's a real shame.

Are you disappointed that we never got an AJ Styles podcast due to the Twitch ban? Would you like to see him start a podcast on another platform? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription of the interview.

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