"I’ll take Lesnar whenever, wherever." - Current Champion is ready to lock horns with Brock Lesnar

This is a dream match for the WWE Universe
This is a dream match for the WWE Universe
Nithin Joseph

Bobby Lashley has made a strong claim on Twitter stating that he is ready to square off with Brock Lesnar. The current WWE United States Champion responded to a fan who suggested that Lashley versus Lesnar is a match that needs to happen if The Beast Incarnate makes his return to WWE.

Lashley took to Twitter to confirm that he would be willing to face Brock Lesnar inside the ring. Lashley would also mention that first he has to take care of business with Riddle, whom he called a 'Brock wannabe.'

"Once I’m done taking out this Brock wannabe, as I’ve said for YEARS, I’ll take Lesnar whenever, wherever." said Lashley.

The current United States Champion was responding to a tweet from a fan, who suggested that a match between Lesnar and Lashley should be booked once The Beast Incarnate makes his WWE.

Lashley would go on to claim that he has been saying for years, that he is more than ready to face Lesnar.

The speculation surrounding this dream match between the former MMA fighters has been going on for years now.

Bobby Lashley commented that Brock Lesnar has been ducking him for a long time

This is not the first time Bobby Lashley has made clear his intentions to face Brock Lesnar. In fact, the member of The Hurt Business has previously made claims that The Beast Incarnate has been ducking him for a long time. He made the statement on the After the Bell podcast, as one fan noted.

"When I first came, he left. When I left, he came back. When I came back, he left. He has been running from me this whole time." said Bobby Lashley

It is pretty clear that Lashley wants his dream encounter with Brock Lesnar to happen soon. The WWE Universe has also been wanting this match ever since the current US Champion made his return to WWE in 2018.

Brock Lesnar has not been in a WWE ring since last year's WrestleMania after his loss to Drew McIntyre. It was reported that the former WWE Champion's contract expired and he is currently a free agent.

With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, it is possible that Lesnar could make his return at the PPV. We could witness a face off between these two inside the Men's Royal Rumble match as Lashley has already announced his entry into the marquee bout.

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