"I'm done, I'm done" - Ex-WWE Superstar almost got fired after nearly missing a spot involving The Undertaker

The Undertaker headlined Hall of Fame 2022!
The Undertaker headlined Hall of Fame 2022!

The Undertaker has been one of the most respected professional wrestling personalities of all time. Recently, former WWE Superstar recalled an incident that led him to believe he would be fired from the company after almost missing a spot with the Deadman.

In 2006, the WWE Universe witnessed the debut of Hornswoggle for the first time. Swoggle went on to win the Cruiserweight title and worked with the company for over a decade.

During his tenure with the company, he got to work with several legends in the industry, including The Undertaker. Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Swoggle revealed how he once slept under the ring and almost missed a spot with Taker:

“We get to the back and Undertaker asks, 'where were you?; I said, 'I was sleeping.' He goes, 'where were you?' I said, 'I was sleeping.' He goes, 'holysh*t', and he just walks off. I go, 'oh I'm dead. I'm done, I'm done. This is it, it's been a good run.' It's been a good two years at that point. Did a lot of fun things. But I'm done. And he just couldn't believe it. And so I graced him with a bottle of brown liquid as an apology gift." [H/T - CVV]
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Luckily, Taker accepted Swoggle's apology and the former Cruiserweight Champion was not fired for almost missing his spot.

The Undertaker appeared on WWE RAW is XXX

Last year, The Undertaker entered the WWE Hall of Fame where he headlined the show and spoke about his illustrious career under Vince McMahon's regime. Nearly two years ago, he received his farewell at WWE Survivor Series.

Upon his retirement, the Deadman mostly spent time with his wife and kids. He also held several 1 deadMAN Shows over the weekend of several Premium Live Events.

Last week, The Undertaker returned to WWE as the American Badass for WWE RAW is XXX. During the show, he interrupted LA Knight, who challenged the Legends in the back.


Later, Bray Wyatt joined him in the ring, and the two former rivals took out Knight. In the end, Taker had a special message for the Eater of Worlds before leaving the ring.

Do you think Deadman will ever wrestle again? Sound off in the comment section below,

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