"I'm letting you punch me in the face" - Enzo Amore shares a lesson he learned about wrestling in WWE that does not work in any other sport

Enzo Amore is former WWE Superstar.
Enzo Amore is former WWE Superstar.

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore recently opened up on the difference between working as a wrestler and being a footballer.

On the Monte & The Pharaoh LI#1 Pro Wrestling Broadcast, Amore detailed an incident of watching Diesel (Kevin Nash). Enzo Amore recollected that the WWE Hall of Famer was drinking a Budweiser beer during a meet and greet with the fans.

The former WWE Superstar also shared an instance of Scotty 2 Hotty doing the Worm dance alongside Rikishi at the 2000 Royal Rumble. As a child, the 36-year-old did not know who Scotty 2 Hotty was and was confused about why Diesel would be intoxicated during a fan meetup.

Giving a reference to Scotty 2 Hotty's wrestling situation, wherein he wasn't getting booked for a match or even getting TV time and had debts to pay, Amore stated that he had to put himself through rough spots to get the audience's attention.

"I took my ego out of pro wrestling. I'm a pro wrestler; I'm letting you punch me in the face; I don't need to look strong, and I don't give a f**k. I was a real athlete; I played college football; I was all-state New Jersey. A thousand yards in high school, I played real ball; I played college football," Amore said. [7:58 - 8:16]

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Enzo Amore on what makes WWE different from other sports

During the same interview, the former NXT star expressed that being a footballer and being a wrestler are poles apart. Enzo Amore further shared that college is the only time it mattered how much someone bench-pressed or how much an athlete ran through a football season.

The former WWE Superstar asserted that he worked hard every off-season in football, even though he knew he wasn't going to the NFL, but he loved the game. However, when the 36-year-old came to the Stamford-based promotion, it was a different ball game altogether.

"When it was over, I got into wrestling, and I'm working my a** off in the gym, getting ready to go to WWE. And I get there, and within days, I realized, dude, it does not f**king matter at all how much you ran, how much you lifted, what your body looks like, what kind of athlete you are. All you gotta do in wrestling is make people remember you," Enzo Amore added. [8:40 - 9:02]
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Due to sexual assault allegations, Amore was suspended and released from WWE in 2018. Amore left professional wrestling after his release to pursue his music career.

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