"I'm still crying," "Stay strong for us" - WWE fans react to Roman Reigns emotional update following WrestleMania XL

Roman Reigns appears to be taking some time off
Roman Reigns appears to be taking some time off [Image Source: WWE.com]

Roman Reigns' lengthy streak finally came to an end at WrestleMania this weekend when Cody Rhodes pinned him following three Cross Rhodes.

Fans then shared videos of Reigns heading up the ramp flanked by Paul Heyman, when he broke down in tears and needed to be consoled by The Wiseman. Reigns wasn't part of last night's WWE RAW, but he has finally broken his silence on social media and claimed that he has mourned and now he's moving forward with today being seen as day one.

Reigns is back in the gym following his loss and it appears that he is now teasing his return.

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Despite being the heel and the star that many fans wanted to lose at WrestleMania, there has been a heartwarming reaction to the update, with many fans making it clear that they were still behind him and that his loss was heartbreaking.

Fans also reminded Roman that he was still their Tribal Chief while also predicting that his comeback would be ''bigger than ever!''

There seemed to be an outpouring of love for Reigns following the update, with many continuing to thank The Tribal Chief for his landscape-changing title reign.

Triple H confirmed that Roman Reigns is far from done in WWE

Triple H had a lot to say about Roman Reigns following WrestleMania and confirmed that despite rumors that The Tribal Chief would be exiting WWE following his loss, The Game claimed that there were plans for Reigns that would blow fans' minds.

"Then to do what he did tonight with Cody Rhodes, it's not completing the story. It's just getting to the end of this chapter. Because he's gonna go on a whole new story now that is going to blow people's minds I think. I know he's going to take it to a whole other level, but I can't tell you how much respect I have for Roman Reigns," said Triple H.

Roman Reigns was pitched as the villain heading into WrestleMania, but it seems that fans have been warming up to the Samoan star and a face turn could be on the cards if the support continues.

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