"I started crying!" - WWE legend Victoria reveals her reaction to the Royal Rumble rehearsal

James Sullivan

WWE legend Victoria made her return to the WWE ring in the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble, and has recalled getting emotional upon learning the depths of her involvement in the match during rehearsals.

In the latest episode of the GAW TV Podcast, Victoria - real name Lisa Marie Varon - said she was unaware how she was going to be used in the Royal Rumble match, but assumed she would be helping other stars to "shine."

"I thought I was gonna come in there and bump and feed for everybody else, and let everybody else shine on me because that's what I'm used to." H/T Fightful

However, the former WWE Women's Champion was shocked to learn she would be a significant part of the Royal Rumble.

"When I found out, we had a rehearsal, just to find out what number we're coming in and stuff like that and... I don't know, it was crazy, and when they were like, Victoria is coming back, she's gonna clean house, everybody's been waiting for her to be coming back, I couldn't even talk. I started crying!"

Victoria was welcomed by the other performers in the Women's Royal Rumble

Victoria also noted that she was unsure of what the response from the other performers in the match would be, when they found out she was returning in the Royal Rumble.

But the star was happy to report that things went well. In fact, the other Women Superstars were all incredibly eager to work with the legend.

"The response from the other workers, the girls, I didn't think I was going to be, I thought they were going to go, oh, who the hell is this coming back? I don't know, I had no clue... the girls were like, can you give me a move, can you give me a move? I want to take a move. I wasn't used to it. I got in the ring and all the girls were cluttering me. I was going, whoa. I go, am I bumping or are you guys bumping for me?"

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