"I totally get it" - Kevin Owens reveals his reaction to Apollo Crews' actions on SmackDown

Kevin Owens was brutally attacked before his match against Apollo Crews
Kevin Owens was brutally attacked before his match against Apollo Crews

Kevin Owens recently had an Intercontinental Championship match against Apollo Crews on SmackDown. The Prizefighter was going into the match under the impression that it would be just him and Crews in the ring.

The reason being KO got WWE official Adam Pearce to ban Apollo Crew's right-hand man Commander Azeez from ringside.

However, Apollo and his commander were able to find a loophole as they attacked Owens backstage. This left him severely wounded before his match, allowing Crews to retain his title with ease.

Owens addressed their actions on the most recent episode of Talking Smack, where he claimed that he is completely fine with how things unfurled. He claims that he can't criticize them simply because he too has used such underhanded tactics in the past.

Kevin Owens also explained how Apollo's tactics are similar to those that Roman Reigns employs today.

"There is no frustration. If I was mad at Apollo Crews for the way he handled things, if I was mad at Roman Reigns for the way he handled things, I'd be a really huge hypocrite. I did all of that stuff when I was a champion. I had people help me, I had people fight my battles for me, I did a lot of underhanded sh**t to a lot of people. It's fine. It's fine because Apollo and Roman, both those guys had a measure of success before they chose to go that rout, but it was never...never like the success they're enjoying now. So I get it, I totally get it and it's fine," said Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens claimed he never wanted to win the Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens has had two Intercontinental Championship opportunities in the past two weeks. However, Owens revealed in a recent episode of The Bump that he does not want to win the title.

Owens currently has a lot in common with his wrestling hero Owen Hart. They both share a birthday and they both share the same number of Intercontinental Championship reigns.

As such, the Prizefighter does not wish to break the streak he currently has going with Owen Hart.

Nevertheless, when it is all said and done, KO wouldn't oppose having a championship belt around his waist. Do you think he will become a three-time Intercontinental Champion? Let us know in the comments.

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