"I want to be a one of one" - Big E on wanting to stand out in WWE

Big E talked to Busted Open today about wanting to stand out in WWE.
Big E talked to Busted Open today about wanting to stand out in WWE.

Since Big E was split up from The New Day on WWE television, several vocal critics have called for the Intercontinental Champion to adopt a more serious demeanor.

While Big E has tweaked his character slightly, he has been careful not to take away what makes him unique in the first place, which is part of what endears him so much to the WWE Universe.

Big E joined Bully Ray and Mark Henry on SiriusXM Busted Open earlier today to talk about all things WWE. When the subject of Big E taking his character in a more serious direction came up, the WWE Intercontinental Champion didn't hold back on his feelings about the subject.

"I will say for me, it's a matter of... I know that people call me be more serious and sure there's gonna be times where you know I can't log roll down to the ring it doesn't make you know, so I'm gonna have to tweak certain things and I think I've already tweaked certain things but my biggest thing is, I want to be a one of one, like I know they're gonna be guys taller than me bigger than me stronger than me, whatever may be better promos whatnot, but I want, whatever the package of me is I feel like no one can replace me."

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"I feel like no one can do exactly what I do" - Big E on being confident with his abilities in WWE

Henry openly admitted he was one of the people calling for Big E to be more serious. However, he said he was wrong because when Big E isn't entertaining on WWE programming, he misses it.

Big E explained why being unique and standing out in WWE means so much to him.

"No one can just be as good as Apollo is or Keith Lee or anyone else you want to point out, I don't feel... and that's not a shot at any of them. I feel like no one can do exactly what I do and that's my biggest thing is I want when you watch me. I want you to think or what is this fool gonna do when it comes to like promos or backstages, or when you see a match like, why does a man his size move like that? Why does he hit like that, you know what I mean? So I want to keep being different. Keep being unique. Keep being a one of one, I don't want when you see me on screen to think, okay, I've seen this before. I know what to expect. I think if I keep bringing that dynamic package and trying to be as entertaining as possible. That's going to carry me through and that's that's been my perspective as of late."

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