Former WWE Champion reveals how Vince McMahon made him miss six WrestleManias in a row (Exclusive)

What did the former CEO and Chairman of WWE do to cause such resentment?
What did the former CEO and Chairman of WWE do to cause such resentment?

Vince McMahon once made Sgt. Slaughter headline WrestleMania after he missed six in a row. The former WWE Champion recently revealed that this was due to outlying factors.

Just for context, Slaughter allegedly had a dispute with WWE in the mid-1980s as they wouldn't allow him to be on Hasbro's G.I. Joe line. It would eventually become a source of resentment for him as he missed out on WrestleMania several years in a row.

Speaking to wrestling legend Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Sgt. Slaughter revealed that he was angry with WWE because Vince McMahon couldn't work things out with Hasbro to cut a deal:

"I got the call from Vince McMahon, I watched WrestleMania 6 - [Hulk] Hogan and [The Ultimate] Warrior. And I had stopped watching the WWE at that point because I was so angry because they couldn't work things out with Hasbro and I so I could be at WrestleMania 2, 3, and so on. I had to miss the first 6 WrestleManias, so it made me anti-WWE." (3:33-4:05)

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Vince McMahon surprised Sgt. Slaughter when approaching him for a WrestleMania main event

WrestleMania 6 was a turning point for Vince McMahon and Sgt. Slaughter. While The Ultimate Warrior was poised as a successor to Hulk Hogan, he never truly found the same success and drawing power.

The Grand Wizard of Wrestling is thrilled by ⁦@_SgtSlaughter⁩ applying the cobra clutch on ⁦@VinceMcMahon⁩ ⁦@WWEUniverse⁩ ⁦@rodzjohnny

Slaughter wrote a letter to Vince McMahon praising the production of WrestleMania 6, and McMahon got back to him to thank him for the kind words. He would offer him a position back in WWE, but Slaughter was surprised because he assumed he would be a babyface against Hulk Hogan:

"When I went to Vince [McMahon's] house and he had the completely opposite idea. He said 'I want to put you and Hulk Hogan in the main event of WrestleMania 7 and sell out the Coliseum in L.A.' I said 'great' and he asked 'are you on board?' and I said I was. So I asked 'How are we turning Hulk into a villain?' and he said 'Hulk? Not Hulk You!'"(6:40-7:06)

Sgt. Slaughter eventually got his WrestleMania main event just months after dethroning The Ultimate Warrior. The controversial storyline would lead to Hulk Hogan becoming the American Hero and taking out Slaughter to become WWE Champion again.

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