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"I think people know by now" - Kevin Owens on belonging in the main event of WWE SmackDown

Kevin Owens enjoys reminding people that he belongs in the main event picture in WWE.
Kevin Owens enjoys reminding people that he belongs in the main event picture in WWE.
Matt Black
Modified 12 Feb 2021

Kevin Owens has had his fair share of ups and downs since his arrival on WWE's main roster. But, Owens has always believed that he belongs in the upper echelon of WWE.

Owens spoke with Ryan Satin of WWE on FOX today about the uphill battle he has had to undertake to prove he belongs in the main event of the company.

"Well, in a way I don’t feel like I ever really had to show it to people because I think people know by now. But, the nature of our industry and the way things work and the amount of very talented people we have on the roster, just makes for an environment where you constantly have to prove your worth day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, right? It’s almost like people in the industry or the company take things for granted. Like, I think after all the years I’ve put in – and I’m one of many, I’m not saying this just about myself – but, there are guys where when the shows go on the people in charge just know, 'Oh, they’re going to have a good match.' They take it for granted because they know it’s going to be a good match or they’re going to be able to tell this story great, or they’re going to be able to deliver this promo great. But, it becomes almost like it’s expected of us because it’s what we do. So, then it’s like, "Of course they had a good match." It’s like, not special, almost. You see what I mean?"

"I think it did good for both of us" - Kevin Owens on his WWE Universal Championship feud with Roman Reigns

Owens told Satin that he believes his ongoing feud with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has helped remind people that he's as good as he's even been and belongs at the top of the company.

"So, once in a while, you have to have these special performances that are a bit above what you usually deliver even if what you usually deliver is good, – and like I said, we have a ton of men and women who do it on a weekly basis – but, once in a while, you just need this one performance to make people take notice again. Like, 'Oh, you know, he is really good,' or, 'Oh, we could do something with this.' So, obviously, this story with Roman was a big opportunity for me to do that again. Yeah, I think we accomplished it. Even Roman, I think. People are already aware, since he came back, that he’s on another level now.And I think our story helped prove that even more, you know? I think it did a lot of good for both of us. Especially me, though."

Have you enjoyed Owens' feud with Reigns on WWE SmackDown over the last few months? Do you believe Owens belongs in the main event picture of WWE? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 08:46 IST
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