"It's kind of hard to beat" - D'Lo Brown reveals which stable he found better between Aces and Eights and Nation of Domination (Exclusive)

Aces and Eights (left) and Nation of Domination (right)
Aces and Eights (left) and Nation of Domination (right)

Former WWE star D'Lo Brown recently revealed which faction he liked better between Aces and Eights and the Nation of Domination.

Brown was a member of the Aces and Eights stable during his time at IMPACT Wrestling. He was the vice president of the heel stable, while Bully Ray was the president.

The Nation of Domination was a faction in WWE that included Farooq, Crush, Savio Vega, The Rock, Kama Mustafa, Mark Henry, The Godfather, and D'Lo Brown. The group separated after Brown and Henry turned on The Rock & The Godfather and went forward as a tag team.

During an interview on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted, Brown was asked which stable he enjoyed the most and he mentioned the Nation of Domination.

He reasoned that he got to work with Ron Simmons, who was his mentor. He also got the opportunity to work alongside The Rock and the stable gave him great friends like Mark Henry and The Godfather.

"It's the Nation. I mean, I was there next to my mentor, Ron Simmons, and next to the biggest star on the planet, The Rock on one side. And then great friends Mark Henry and The Godfather. So when you're out there with your boys having fun and it was the first time for me doing that. To me, that was the best."

Although he might have chosen the Nation of Domination as his favorite, D'Lo still has love for Aces and Eights.

"Now don't get me wrong, Aces and Eights was another great cool stable with good friends around me, which is fun, but I mean when you're on the Nation and you're on the biggest show at the hottest time in the history of the business, it's kind of hard to beat," said Brown. (13:30- 14:31)

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D'Lo Brown recalled one of his best achievements

In continuation of the interview, D'Lo Brown spoke about the time when he had won both the European as well as Intercontinental Championships.

He further added how surreal it was to hold both titles and how he kept those titles separately on another bed after returning from the arena.

"It was surreal, knowing that it was going to be me, the first one. Here's how much it impacted me, sitting back in my hotel room that night, I had double beds, so it was two beds and I remember laying the Intercontinental [and] European belt on the other bed and I sat in one bed and I said, I can't believe, those are with me right now," said Brown.

It will be interesting to see if D'Lo Brown gets the opportunity to reunite with his stables in the near future.

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