Jade Cargill must debut as former US Champion's bodyguard, "She could do wonders for him," says WWE veteran (Exclusive)

Jade Cargill has reportedly signed with WWE after leaving AEW.
Jade Cargill has reportedly signed with WWE after leaving AEW.

It's only a matter of time before Jade Cargill makes her first WWE appearance, and pairing her up with Austin Theory is the best creative decision, per Vince Russo.

One of the biggest fears about Jade Cargill coming into WWE is whether she could adapt to the main roster. Despite some speculation about her NXT move, rumors suggest that she will be presented as a top name in RAW or SmackDown, and Vince Russo agreed that there are multiple ways to introduce her to the WWE Universe.

While discussing the topic on Writing with Russo, Vince said that Cargill could do really well as the bodyguard of Austin Theory. Russo said that the former United States Champion hasn't been able to get over using his current gimmick, but working with Cargill could change his fortunes in WWE.

"I'll tell you who I would with immediately because, as we predicted and said all along, the gimmick put on him was never ever going to get him over. One thousand percent (Austin Theory). And bro, you know what? She could do wonders for him. One thousand percent!" [From 10:40 to 11:23]

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Vince Russo on the advantage of Jade Cargill being in the "Chyna role"

Jade Cargill left AEW as one of its most dominant stars. The former TBS Champion isn't known for wrestling long matches every week, and Vince Russo noted that having her with Austin Theory would protect her.

Russo said that Cargill would not have to work inside the ring every week and could still be featured alongside another superstar. Before agreeing that Austin Theory would be the perfect partner, Vince Russo initially proposed the idea of Bianca Belair turning heel and recruiting Jade Cargill as her muscle.

The former WCW Champion explained:

"Bro, listen, If they are worried about her work, that she needs polishing and reps and all that, bro, turn Bianca Belair heel and make her (Cargill) the bodyguard. What I'm saying is that there are roles you can put her in early on in the WWE program that are not going to cause her to wrestle 10, 12, or 14 minutes every week in a Chyna role. That's what I would do, bro, rather than waste her on NXT." [From 07:08 to 08:38]

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