Jake "The Snake" Roberts says WWE legend sang to him while wrestling him

Jake Roberts recalls passing out in the ring
Jake Roberts recalls passing out in the ring

WWE legend and Hall of Famer Jake Roberts has narrated an anecdote of a time when Andre the Giant sang to him while they were in the ring wrestling.

Jake Roberts was asked by a fan on the latest DDP Snake Pit podcast about a painful injury he had while in the ring. The WWE Hall of Famer said that he once suffered a pec injury during a match and passed out in pain.

Roberts recalled Andre the Giant singing to him during the match after the giant had put him in a bear hug.

"Probably when I Clotheslined Andre and he went through me and ripped my pec in half. I remember going down, and I thought I broke my shoulder. I'm wiggling my fingers trying to get the feeling back in 'em and Andre reached down, grabbed me by his hand and jerked me to my feet which stretched that back out again, at which point I decide, 'I'm going to sleep,' and passed out from pain. When I woke up, Andre has got me in a bear hug and he's singing to me, 'Nice little baby, nice little baby,' and I woke up and I'm like, 'What the f*ck. Oh my god, Andre, get us out of here. [Andre replies] No, we finish the match,'" recalled Jake The Snake. [31:34-32:30]

Roberts said that he and Andre wrestled once again later that night, even though he had a torn pec.

Jake Roberts and Andre the Giant's feud in WWE resulted in a WrestleMania match

Roberts and Andre had a feud in 1989 in WWE, where the former used his snake to intimidate the giant.

The two eventually clashed at The Showcase of the Immortals that same year, WrestleMania V in a singles match.

Roberts used his snake, Damian, on Andre, and even won the match by disqualification after Andre choked special guest referee Big John Studd.

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