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WWE News: James Ellsworth launches a new show

James Ellsworth kicks off a one-minute show on his Twitter account.

A chin-sational announcement from the Chinless One

The world’s best-known jobber James Ellsworth has launched his first video from a series called ‘Chin Locked’ through his Twitter account. The premiere episode showed Ellsworth in Ontario, Canada, speaking about the great day he had.

The 1-minute video contained a cameo from the WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, who seemed visibly annoyed with Ellsworth using the word ‘awesome’, a word that one generally associates with The Miz and his gimmick. Here is a glimpse of the short, but entertaining premiere episode. 

In a nutshell, James Ellsworth seemed elated with his day, the highlights of which consisted of pancakes, syrup and snow angels. To describe just how great the day has been, Ellsworth makes use of the word, ‘awesome’.

A visibly annoyed Miz walks to the camera at that moment and tells Ellsworth quite bluntly, that nothing about him was awesome. However, to console this former world title contender, The Miz acknowledges that at least he tried. The Miz then rewards Ellsworth with a participation certificate.   

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This is not the first use of the participation award in a WWE segment. Dean Ambrose too was awarded a participation certificate in a recent edition of Miz TV, for coming up short against AJ Styles, in a World Title Match at the TLC pay-per-view.

The reason for Ambrose’s defeat was an interference from Ellsworth who had initially been quite friendly to him.

This angle was used to ignite a feud between The Miz and Dean Ambrose, who have been feuding ever since. Ellsworth is only the second man to receive the participation award from the Intercontinental Champion.

Dean Ambrose was the first recipient of The Miz Participation Award

James Ellsworth, who had been feuding with WWE Champion AJ Styles for many months now, seemed to have been booked in a romantic angle with Carmella in the previous edition of Smackdown Live.

It is unclear whether Chin Locked will be used as a tool to further storylines on screen, or whether it will be a standalone show, by itself. The nature of the show is unclear at this point. We’re also not sure when the next episode of Chin Locked will be shared by James Ellsworth. 

Here’s a video of Ellsworth’s segment with Carmella:

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