Jeff Hardy thanks Randy Orton's wife for handcuffs spot at WWE Clash of Champions

Jeff Hardy; Randy Orton and his wife
Jeff Hardy; Randy Orton and his wife
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Jeff Hardy is a daredevil Superstar, who took WWE to great heights with his agility, speed and innovation in the ring. Hardy has had memorable matches over the years as a singles Superstar as well as a tag team wrestler.

Hardy has performed dangerous moves and put his health at risk to bring smiles to the faces of his fans. He has innovated in the ring with his high-flying and acrobatic maneuvers.

Jeff Hardy was in a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship at Clash of Champions as he defended his belt against AJ Styles and Sami Zayn. And in this match he was in a scary spot that had never beeseen before in WWE.

Jeff Hardy thanks Randy Orton's wife for an innovative spot

Jeff Hardy described that spot and revealed that it was Randy Orton's wife who had given him the idea to do it. He said in his recent interview to TV Insider that Orton's wife suggested a long time ago about handcuffing and being tied to the earlobes, which Hardy used in his match at Clash of Champions:

"Even in the ladder match or doing the Hell in a Cell match with Randy Orton β€” I have to give Randy’s wife props for the handcuff spot in that one. Years ago she mentioned, what if handcuffs were possible and being tied from the ropes to your earlobe. For this ladder match, I thought about what if they connected me to the ladder with handcuffs."Β 

At Clash of Champions, Jeff Hardy's earlobe was handcuffed to a ladder by Sami Zayn in the triple threat ladder match. Zayn had also handcuffed AJ Styles to himself, before unlocking himself and climbing up the ladder to win back the Intercontinental Championship.

That wasn't the first time that an object was driven through Hardy's earlobe as at Hell in a Cell in 2018, Randy Orton drove a screwdriver through Hardy's earlobe.

Jeff Hardy had won the Intercontinental title from AJ Styles earlier this year on SmackDown, but his reign as champion ended just under a month later at Clash of Champions. Zayn had held the belt earlier this year before he was stripped of it due to being absent from WWE television.

One year after his passing, we at Sportskeeda paid tribute to our very own Road Warrior Animal here.

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