"I feel like I belong in that story" - 3-Time WWE World Champion wants to dethrone Roman Reigns (Exclusive)

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Roman Reigns has dominated WWE for over 15 months now
Roman Reigns has dominated WWE for over 15 months now

Roman Reigns has been the Universal Champion for over 446 days. His current run has been regarded as the greatest reign in the Universal title lineage, and he is now edging closer to Brock Lesnar's record 504-day reign.

3-time WWE World Champion Jeff Hardy wants to be the one to end that run. Hardy was drafted to SmackDown from RAW and will have another singles run on the blue brand.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Jeff Hardy named three major goals left to achieve in his wrestling. The first, according to Hardy, is to dethrone Roman Reigns and become the Universal Champion. Despite them not crossing paths before, Hardy explained how he can belong in that story:

"There's three I think, more than anything. The first is to be the Universal Champion, ideally, defeating Roman Reigns. That's one of my dream matches because his stuff is so powerful now. I got to mix it up with Seth [Rollins] and Dean [Ambrose] before he left. Roman's the one guy I never came in contact with. I just kind of feel like I belong in that story, and that I will belong in that story," said Hardy.

Check out the interview with Jeff Hardy in the video below:


While Jeff Hardy has crossed paths with former Shield members before, Roman Reigns seems to be the one he wants most. As for his other two goals, Jeff Hardy named the return of the Willow Character and a reunion with his brother, Matt.

Will Jeff Hardy and Roman Reigns cross paths on SmackDown?

Universal Champion @WWERomanReigns stands tall at the 19th annual WWE Tribute to the Troops!@HeymanHustle@WWEUsos#WWETroops@TributeToTroops

It will be interesting to see how Jeff Hardy is handled on SmackDown. While Roman Reigns is the undisputed top superstar in WWE right now, Hardy hasn't been in World Championship contention for a while.

He will always be a credible world title challenger in the eyes of fans, but it's up to WWE to treat him as a main event talent on SmackDown. As for whether he will be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns, the chances seem non-existent.

Even then, a match between Roman Reigns and Jeff Hardy could easily headline a pay-per-view or a special episode of SmackDown down the road.

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