"I'll never sit in his shoes" - WWE legend on why he gets emotional talking about Vince McMahon

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon (Credit: WWE)
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon (Credit: WWE)
Modified 02 May 2021

Jeff Jarrett has opened up on the reasons behind why he becomes so emotional when talking about Vince McMahon.

In a recent appearance on INSIGHT. with Chris Van Vliet, the former Intercontinental Champion suggested his response to McMahon's name in discussion comes down to his respect for the WWE Chairman, as well as their shared heritage of growing up in the wrestling business.

Jarrett also touched on the personal history between the two and Vince McMahon's decision to include Jarrett in the WWE Hall of Fame, even after the difficult times they've shared professionally:

"You’re gonna get me… You know, look, I’ll never sit in his shoes. I’m not giving the comparison, but I’m saying his father was a promoter. And, you know, had the ins and outs with his mom and all that, and his grandfather. So, growing up in this business, being a part of it, the fiber and all of that, and knowing everything on his plate. I mean, you take it all in: Fox, NBCU, running this, running that. Somebody said this on the internet, oh my gosh the warehouse lease is coming up. You name it, he runs a billion dollar organization! He didn’t have the make the decision to put me in the Hall of Fame, it’s that simple. (I’m) very humbled by that." Said Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett on getting emotional talking about Vince McMahon before his Hall of Fame induction

During their conversation about Vince McMahon, Van Vliet specifically referenced footage of Jarrett becoming quite emotional while talking about his former employer.

The video in question was shot by WWE prior to Jarrett's Hall of Fame induction in 2018. Jarrett explained that his reaction may have in-part been due to how early in the morning the interview was conducted, but that he'll always have respect for Vince McMahon:

"Again, just so you know, that video that you’re referring too, that crew showed up at 06:10, 06:20 in the morning and I wasn’t prepared for that… but I’ve got so much respect for Vince… and everything that I’d been through leading up to that point. It was an incredibly humbling moment," Jarrett said.

Jeff Jarrett is set to star in his own podcast, My World with Jeff Jarrett, soon to be released on Westwood One and earlier for subscribers at

Published 02 May 2021
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