Jim Cornette on how WWE was able to convince Brock Lesnar to return following his SmackDown walkout

Brock Lesnar had reportedly walked out of SmackDown
Brock Lesnar had reportedly walked out of SmackDown

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette recently discussed Brock Lesnar appearing on WWE SmackDown after reportedly walking out following the announcement of Vince McMahon's retirement.

McMahon retired as WWE Chairman and CEO this past Friday, a few hours before SmackDown hit the air. Stephanie McMahon kicked off the show and spent a few minutes discussing her father's retirement before the show moved on.

The Beast Incarnate reportedly exited the TD Garden in Boston before the show began in response to Mr. McMahon's retirement. However, Lesnar appeared in the final segment of the show, where he attacked Theory.

On the latest edition of the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary wrestling manager speculated on how WWE got Brock Lesnar to return to SmackDown.

Cornette wondered if both Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon got in contract with the former champion in order to entice him to return.

“You know that if [Paul] Heyman got on the phone with him [Brock Lesnar], I would have to think that financial remuneration would be a part of that conversation," said Cornette. "If it was about the principle of the thing, they may have gone to someone who is close to Brock, like Heyman."

He further stated that Vince McMahon may have also established some form of communication that would have informed him about the situation with Lesnar.

"You know that Vince was standing by with some form of communication to that building, and knew what was happening as soon as it happened," Cornette added. "Whatever method they thought was best is what they implemented first.” [H/T Inside The Ropes]

Jim Cornette on Brock Lesnar initially leaving WWE SmackDown

The former wrestling manager also spoke about Lesnar exiting the venue before SmackDown and said he can understand why the former world champion reacted that way.

"I think Brock [Lesnar] probably, an offshoot of two things. Either, ‘What the f**k? Without Vince this place is going to go to s**t.’ Or number two, he was probably offended at the concept, because let’s face it, Vince did not retire on purpose.We had established that he wasn’t going to quit until he drew his last breath. But I can see Brock being upset [imitates Lesnar] ‘You’re gonna make him f***ing resign? F**k that! I’m outta here.’ I can see that," Cornette added.
.@BrockLesnar shocks @_Theory1 and uses his own briefcase against him. #SmackDown

With Lesnar now back with WWE, it remains to be seen how the Last Man Standing Match between him and Roman Reigns will pan out at SummerSlam.

Are you excited for Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam? Let us know in the comments section below.

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