Jim Cornette slams former WWE Universal Champion saying he "has the personality of a cabbage"

Jim Cornette is not the biggest fan of a WWE star's on-screen personality!
Jim Cornette is not the biggest fan of a WWE star's on-screen personality!

Pro wrestling podcaster Jim Cornette criticized WWE star Finn Balor for his supposed failure to connect with the crowd.

Cornette has been involved in the wrestling business for 40 years, working as an on-screen manager in various promotions. He recently questioned WWE's decision to kick Edge out as the leader of Judgment Day and replace him with Balor.

Speaking on Jim Cornette Experience, the 60-year-old didn't hold back when he shared his thoughts on the Irish wrestling star:

"They turned on Edge and put Finn Balor in the group. Now they’ve traded a Hall of Famer and a legend and an outstanding promo for a guy that’s great, technically and very small, and has the personality of [a] cabbage. And then Rhea Ripley’s injured or sick or both, apparently." (H/T: Inside The Ropes)
Finn Balor joins Judgment Day…and they all turn on Edge 😱

It's fair to say that since Finn Balor joined Judgment Day, the group has been less imposing. However, the faction isn't working at its full capacity with group member Rhea Ripley sidelined.

Finn Balor and Judgment Day will be on WWE RAW tonight

In recent weeks, Balor and his teammate Damian Priest have been looking to entice Dominik Mysterio to join their ranks.

Despite their best efforts, it seems as though Rey Mysterio's son doesn't want to be Judgment Day's newest member.

The feud between The Mysterios and Judgment Day seems to be at its boiling point, which will see the teams face off in a tag team match on RAW.

Who do you see winning tonight? Judgment Day or The Mysterios? Let us know in the comments section below!

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