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Jim Ross names top WWE personality as the greatest heel of the Attitude Era

The Attitude Era of the WWE had several iconic heels.
The Attitude Era of the WWE had several iconic heels.
Modified 26 Mar 2021

WWE reached the peak of its popularity in the Attitude Era. Despite the earnest desires of the fans, the company has unfortunately failed to recreate the same magic for the past several years.

The Attitude Era was more about the characters than wrestling, and many of the most memorable gimmicks of all time were created during the said period. The Mr. McMahon character is undoubtedly one of them.

Jim Ross stated on the recent edition of the 'Grilling JR' podcast that he considers Vince McMahon to be the greatest heel from the Attitude Era.

Jim Ross has always been vocal about his views regarding Vince McMahon, and JR believes that the WWE boss was the best villain in the Attitude Era. JR also explained what made Mr. McMahon the GOAT amongst the heels.

Jim Ross said that a heel's success is measured by the impact they had on a babyface. Jim Ross noted that a heel deserved a lot of credit if a babyface was put over ideally in the ring or on the microphone. JR stated that Vince McMahon ticked all the boxes, and the boss consistently elevated the babyface he was working with.

"I've always said this, and I really believe this, and I mean it. Vince McMahon was the best heel in the Attitude Era, without a doubt in my mind. And the reason is great heels can be measured by the babyfaces that they positively affect, either by getting them over in the ring or by interacting with them on television in any capacity."

Jim Ross on how Vince McMahon was instrumental in Steve Austin's WWE success

It's a widely-accepted notion that Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn't have been as big as he was without Vince McMahon's contributions.

Jim Ross reiterated that fact and highlighted the WWE Chairman's exceptional work as a villain that helped enhance Steve Austin's anti-authority character in the WWE.

"And the bottom line of that is that Stone Cold got made through a lot of his efforts and interactions with Vince McMahon. So to say Vince McMahon wasn't effective in his role would be ridiculous, quite frankly. And you know, then he became Mr. McMahon that people still talk about, and rightfully so. He is that good."

There is no denying Vince McMahon's brilliance as a heel but was he the greatest that the WWE had to offer in the Attitude Era? Do you agree with Jim Ross on this one?

Please credit Grilling JR and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use quotes from this article.

Published 26 Mar 2021, 15:50 IST
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