Jim Ross says former WWE Champion 'no-sold' Triple H's pedigree in a major match because of 'insecurity and paranoia'

Triple H/Pedigree
Triple H/Pedigree

Jim Ross recently spoke about Triple H's WrestleMania match against The Ultimate Warrior. Speaking about Hunter's bout, Jim Ross said that the spot where Warrior no-sold Triple H's pedigree was put in to please Warrior. He said that WWE essentially catered to his insecurities and paranoia.

Jim Ross stated that Triple H was chosen as The Ultimate Warrior's WrestleMania 12 opponent because the company had faith in him. They felt Hunter would help Warrior by covering up gaps in the latter's game after returning to the ring after a long hiatus.

Speaking on his podcast Grilling JR, Jim Ross gave details about the 2-minute squash match that took place between Triple H and The Ultimate Warrior. Conrad Thompson asked Ross about the infamous spot where Warrior totally no-sold The Pedigree. The AEW announcer said that management knew it was wrong but still went ahead with it to please Warrior.

''I'm sure Warrior probably wanted that spot in. The office knew that was not the way to go. But you gotta get over that hill of kicking out of the pedigree or no-selling the pedigree, whatever you want to say. Again, going out of our way to adhere to the insecurities and paranoia of The Warrior,'' said Ross.

Jim Ross praises Triple H's professionalism

Though Triple H lost his match against The Ultimate Warrior, Jim Ross praised him for being a professional from his early days. He said that Triple H knew very well what role he had to play in the match and did it to perfection.

Jim Ross did admit that having The Ultimate Warrior no-sell Triple H's finish and beating him in quick fashion was the wrong move. He said that WWE was trying to build Triple H at that point and his definitive loss to The Ultimate Warrior was not right.

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