Jimmy Korderas reveals what happened backstage after controversial Kurt Angle incident on SmackDown [Exclusive]

Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder's controversial segment on SmackDown
Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder's controversial segment on SmackDown

Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas was a guest on the latest edition of UnSKripted with Sportskeeda's Dr. Chris Featherstone. Korderas touched upon several topics in regards to his stint with WWE and opened up on the controversial incident featuring Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder on an episode of SmackDown.

The incident saw Puder locking Angle in a legit Kimura Lock, followed by which Korderas made a quick pin and declared Angle the victor, even though Puder's shoulders were nowhere close to the mat. Jimmy revealed what happened backstage after the incident while talking with SK:

When we got to the back, I got to Gorilla, and Brisco just, didn't say anything to me, just kinda looked up and gave me a little bit of a thumbs up. And when I got to the back, I ran into Fit Finlay, and Fit Finlay said, "Did they tell you to count?" I said, "No, I just did it." He said, "Well, good job."


The incident didn't sit well with Kurt Angle and WWE at all

Following the pin, Kurt Angle was visibly angry at Puder. At the 2005 Royal Rumble match, Puder was hit by a series of hard chops to the chest by Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Hardcore Holly. This was his last appearance on the main roster, and he parted ways with WWE a few months later.

Check out exclusive footage of a fight that broke out at the WWE Royal Rumble press conference here

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