John Morrison shares his favourite WrestleMania moment in WWE

John Morrison returned to WWE earlier this year on SmackDown
John Morrison returned to WWE earlier this year on SmackDown
Modified 20 Sep 2020

Current WWE SmackDown Superstar John Morrison has certainly competed in some major WrestleMania match-ups.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion has competed in numerous Money in the Bank ladder matches, Tag Team Championship unification matches, Tag Team title ladder matches and even teamed with Snooki from the Jersey Shore too on the grandest stage of them all.

However, during a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, The Prince of Parkour revealed which was truly his favourite WrestleMania moment from his WWE career to date:

"Got to be the moonsault with the ladder. Orlando actually – WrestleMania 24," (h/t Wrestling INC)

John Morrison was referring to the Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania 24 in Orlando, Florida which was won by CM Punk. During the match, John Morrison would hit a moonsault, with a ladder in his hands, from the top rope to the outside of the ring onto several WWE Superstars. Certainly a WrestleMania moment that is still talked about today by members of the WWE Universe.

The differences between '2011 John Morrison' and '2020 John Morrison' in WWE

After a successful career with WWE that spanned nine years, John Morrison left the company in 2011. Many members of the WWE Universe expected John Morrison's hiatus from WWE to be a short one.

However, John Morrison would not return to WWE for nine years before returning to the WWE earlier this year in 2020. During his time away from the company, John Morrison competed for various independent professional wrestling companies, as well as working various projects outside of wrestling.

When asked what are his biggest differences between the person that left WWE 2011 and the person who currently competes on SmackDown in 2020, John Morrison explained that perhaps the biggest difference is maturity and knowing who he is:

"I mean, the guy that I am now, I know who I am a lot more now and I know where my sweet spot is. I didn't really understand it in 2011 and a lot of it is maturity. I mean, a lot of it is the acting classes, reading acting books, like some kind of in-depth character study type things, and then it comes down to... figuring out what it is about you that people want to see," (h/t Wrestling INC)
"You, specifically, why do people watch Chris? What do you have? What's your thing? If you come out and try to act like Batista and be this tough muscle guy, it's not authentic. No one's buying that. Same for me. I can't come out like Brock and be like this behemoth guy because it's not how people perceive me. So, figuring out how you're perceived and then picking the part of you that's the most interesting - I sometimes call it 'shiny' - and living in that moment in that energy all the time is the key, and it's a lot. It's very difficult. I can say that and I can know that, but it doesn't mean I can do it." (h/t Wrestling INC)

What is your favourite John Morrison WWE WrestleMania moment?

Published 20 Sep 2020
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